Thursday, May 24, 2007


Previz workshop revisited


This is the sequence I came up with after my previz workshop at CGTalk. I know it's pretty unfinished, but as I stated previously, my computer crashed down. Everything I was on at the time is in the same state.

Anyway, let's cheer up and focus on my actual assignments. More to come...



All in one

What's up?

I've collected all my shots so far in a single archive. It's by no means a reel, but just a collection of shots. Should everything go right, my first reel will come up this winter.

Enjoy it!!


P.D.: For some reason, reel is not displaying properly once uploaded. So, please, take your time and go down to watch shots one at a time. All the stuff posted in here as been previously posted. Sorry for the inconveniences, I'm working at that.



Hey there!

As I promised, I'm coming back with this new shot. My computer crashed down while on production. I could seldom finish it by the deadline. It was a hard and stressing time. Now I can't stand taking it back, so I guess it's pretty much over for the shot. Try not to be too hard on me.


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