Friday, August 22, 2008


Amazing art

I would like you to introduce you Goum. He turns out to be the twin brother of a good friend of mine. When he showed me his brother's blog I went like crazy! It's just so cool! I just wanted to share it with you all as well as add it to the links list.

Hope you enjoy it!


Working At GRIN Barcelona

Hey folks!

Though maybe it's just kind of old news I just wanted to let you know I'm back at home, working at GRIN Barcelona. I've been working here for some 5 months now. Pheeew, time goes by just really quickly!

It's a good place to work in. Great, nice people and some interesting perks.

We're now developing "Wanted: Weapons of Fate". It's a game, but it's also a kind of sequel from "Wanted" movie. Though it's not yet released, it has already been announced at the media and looks like people likes it.

Here goes some related links:

GRIN homepage:

A small peek at the incoming game:

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